O'Connor Water Company

     O’Connor Tract Co-Operative Water Company
    P.O. Box 1375 Palo Alto, California 94302-1375
    Telephone (650) 321-2723


O’Connor Water has sent  you a
survey via postal mail along with an explanation of the purpose and meaning of the survey. Your response is very important. We will be following up with you if you do not respond. In addition to the information provided with the survey, the following may be useful.

Survey Results

Survey-Manganese Treatment Options 

The Communication document that accompanies the survey

The Communication document that accompanies the survey- Spanish

Quarterly Manganese Notice

2016- Primero Trimestre Aviso Publico de Manganeso

Annual Water Quality Report 2015

2015 Reporte de CALIDAD DEL AGUA

 The history of O’Connor Water

Where the water you receive comes from and how it is delivered